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This is one of our big areas of business as we are supporters and members of FICA we are involved with supplying many of New Zealand forestry contractors and Fuel companies with re fueling equipment and servicing.
Our FP4950C is a very popular option for refueling, as it is under the 4950 litre does not need a stationary container certificate and can quite easily be moved from site to site.

These are a double-skinned robust and solid tank for the rugged terrain of New Zealand forestry.
We build them over spec to the regulations of the EPA so our customer gets a safe long lasting tank. When we designed this tank, we were very conscious of health and safety. Everything is done at ground level. No ladders no safety rails needed

We also have road contractors and many other crews that find these tanks a great option for refueling. They can come with or without the lifting frame and we also have an electric pump option, also, we normally have these in stock and colour can be of your choice. The very popular Forestry 4500 litre cube double skinned used heavily in the forestry is fully compliant and certified for forestry use.

Fuel Pro has designed the cube for the contractor and forestry workers industry. Having a double skin and 4950 litres means it does not need a stationary container certificate. Sturdy and versatile, the big diggers can move them with their grapple into a position for a mini tanker to come and fill once a week. The cube comes standard with a Honda 5hp engine, which pumps 70 litres a minute minimum. Also comes supplied with top reliable pumping gear filters and flow meters.

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