Fuel Pro Products


Fuel Pro Products

All tanks are designed and engineering then approved according to Fuel Industry regulating bodies and industry standards such as AS1692 by HASNO approved manufacturer. Fuel Pro Has a range of standard sizes and designs tailored for different industries and the needs of clients. We also can change standard designs to provide one offs and alterations to suit your needs for sign off requirements by local council.

Fuel pro tanks have domed tank ends and utilize a continual sheet design, meaning there isn't a seam at the bottom of the tank. This gives extra strength and structural integrity to the tank shell. We do this to ensure that our tanks have superior strength and service life. All tanks are constructed using a semi-automated orbital welding process. This ensures consistent, high-strength welded seams which gives our tanks the edge when it comes to lasting the distance. Fuel Pro tanks incorporate a locking filler-breather outlet roll-over protection system that is believed to be an industry first. Tanks contents are therefore fully secured from theft.


Fuel Pro Productss

Tanker chassis are CAD designed, with CNC laser cut ribs to provide maximum strength and tank- support, incorporating rear collision protection and a lasting galvanized finish. Fuel Pro use tried and proven Honda DX20-DP 2 inch pumping equipment. In addition, high-quality filters, meters, swivels and hoses from Tuctil and Puisi provide high reliability. All tanks feature high quality components, including LED lights 1000's of litres of problem-free fuel delivery. Our new and first to have in New Zealand a fully contained and lockable engine delivery bay and lockable top fill and dip. 10 meter Retractable Reels now as an option.

We only use the strongest and the most reliable equipment made here in New Zealand.

  • Better reliability
  • Superior road handling
  • Bundled for spills
  • Safer and more responsible fuel use and storage
  • An investment in the current and future performance of your business
  • Reduced risk of environmental contamination

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